Looking for pool service in Florida?

Whether you’re in Tampa chilling by your pool…

Or sippin’ a piña colada while floating in your pool in Miami…

As a pool owner, your time by the water should be easy living.

When you download The Dip App and search for a pool servicing business near you, you’ll have access to pool techs in Miami, Tampa, and other places in Florida with just the touch of a button.

Pool owners that download The Dip App can

Here is what you will experience as a Dip pool owner:

  • Ditch the checkbook and enjoy frictionless payments right on The Dip App.
  • Get alerts when your pool technician is on his or her way.
  • Enjoy getting back in the water faster. Receive notifications from your Florida pool tech once it’s safe to get back in the water after a pool treatment.
  • Easily connect with pool cleaning professionals in Tampa, Miami, or wherever pool service is needed in Florida.
  • Let your Florida pool professional know about new gate codes, service date changes, and more… all in one place.
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Grow your Florida pool cleaning business with The Dip App.

Grow your Florida pool cleaning business with The Dip App.

Want more pool cleaning and pool service leads?

Would your life and profits benefit by adding a few extra hours to your month?

Can you imagine having your own automated business assistant available with just the tap of a button?

Introducing The Dip App

Using The Dip App to grow your pool cleaning business is as simple as 1, 2, 3. No matter whether you’re looking for pool owners in Miami or Tampa, Florida, we’ve got you covered.

To truly experience the Dip difference, download the app and have a look around.

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  • Invoice and process payments with the touch of a button.
  • Get leads from Florida pool owners seeking new pool cleaning and pool service sent directly to you.
  • Send notifications to let your customers know to bring in the dog and make sure the pool is empty when you arrive.
  • Respond to missed calls or text messages directly in The Dip App.
  • Let your clients know when they can safely get back in the water and enjoy the Florida sun through notifications in The Dip App.
If it makes sense to add The Dip App to your business toolkit, just download the app or schedule a demo and we’ll walk you through how The Dip App will work with and for your pool cleaning business.

More billable hours.
Less hours wasted on administrative tasks.
More satisfied customers.

That’s the Dip difference. Get The Dip App today.

New technology can seem daunting in business, Our goal is to make implementing The Dip App as simple as 1,2,3. See the app in action by scheduling a demo with us via the button below.

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The Dip App proudly connects pool servicing companies with pool owners all over Florida.

We are currently signing up pool businesses and pool owners in:

Tampa, Florida

Miami, Florida

Naples, Florida

Fort Myers, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

West Palm Beach, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Orlando, Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida

Destin, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida

Melbourne, Florida

Stuart, Florida